Co curricular Activities is a imbibe part of the realm of academics. It has always nurtured and supported academics. SOMILA not only developing the psychomotor domain but also emphasis on student centric activities which maintain mental tranquility, socializing as well as the pragmatic approach to academics

In addition to its strong academic curriculum, Somila International School offers a wide variety of complementary activities, events, and programming that develop the whole student while fostering a strong community spirit.


Agni, Aakash, Prathvi and Vaayu these are the four houses names as the four basic elements of life


Students are elected on the basis of voting by all classes and council officers decleare the student Council. The council meets once a week and provides a safe environment to learn leadership and practice expression of ideas

Co-Curricular Activities are

Music (Vocal and Instrumental)

Dance (Classical and Western)

Art and Craft

Circle Time

Dramatics and English Spoken

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