Mission And Vision


We aim to Engage , Inspire and Challenge our students to ‘Learn, Grow & Become’ leaders of distinction, committed to a spirit of honesty & integrity, molded into well-rounded personalities and  empowered  to face the competitive global world  through  a team of  qualified, dedicated and caring teachers .


Nurture student- centered learning in an interactive environment.

Provide a platform for diverse experiential learning.


Motivate students to meet global challenges with confidence.

Encourage students to become life-long learners, always striving to innovate.


Foster responsible and committed students with strength of character and positive attitude.

Empower students to become decision-makers and confident communicators.


To provide affordable and stress-free education for the future gennext children from all background to serve a Meritocratic India: and inspire them to be Just and ethical global citizens in a conducive teaching and learning ambiance through our community as a non-profit & self-sustained institution. We are a school that celebrates and recognizes creativity, independent thinking in each child and helps them to unravel their innate talent to make education meaningful.

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