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My step to Somila International School Is to reach out learners with an inherent sense of joyful, confidence, fulfilment learning that takes a learner through various stages of learning. My commitment towards parents and students of Somila International School is excellence in education that is reflective in our vision to provide stressfree and affordable education. The process itself is a never-ending spiral, a continuum that may begin at any point but one that never ends. It is based on the belief that learning happens when attitude and perceptions are positive. Somila International School approach towards education provides an expository and exemplary yet experimental opportunity that helps the learner discover and internalize concepts on his/her own.
To my mind Somila International School is not just about bricks, mortar and cement, but to create a space that nurture children in a manner that resulted in them becoming responsible & principled human beings. In this fast changing world, borders between ranks & destinations have begun to fade.

Renu Sharma - Senior Academician

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